Solutions and services

Solutions and services
7 March, 2023
Quotation for aro diaphragm pump

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best quotation for aro diaphragm pump available in the market. As proficient SEO and high-end copywriter, we understand that finding the right pump can be a daunting task, and with so many options available, it’s essential to have the necessary information to make an informed decision. In this...

23 February, 2023
Why you should use Aro Diaphragm Pumps

As an industrial or manufacturing company, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment and tools for your operations. One of the essential tools that you need is a pump. There are different types of pumps available in the market, but one that stands out is the ARO diaphragm pump. In this article,...

9 February, 2023
Food Filter Press

Food filter press is one of the equipment widely applied in companies and food factories such as: fish sauce, soy sauce, vermicelli, pho, beer, and wine. With the principle of filtering water and residue, the residue is separated into separate parts. In Vietnam, Hitachi Filter Press Company is a unit specializing in the production and...

4 February, 2023

Hitachi Filter Press Company is one of the pioneers in the field of research, production, and manufacture of sludge dryers in Vietnam. Currently, professional wastewater treatment systems in Vietnam and some countries around the world are highly interested in Hitachi sludge dryers, we are proud to bring customers the best sludge treatment solutions, thereby helping...

19 December, 2022
Decanter Centrifuge Internal Structure

Decanter is one of the most popular mud presses today. The device can separate solids from liquids1 efficiently. With the ability to work continuously at high speed, this is a sludge press that is widely used in professional wastewater treatment systems. Centrifugal slurry presses are suitable for pressing chemical, food, petroleum and mining slurries. In...

3 October, 2022
Which Type of Sludge Press Should I Choose?

As we all know, sludge press is an indispensable device in the wastewater treatment system at manufacturing plants, industrial parks or export processing zones. This is the equipment used in the final stage of the wastewater treatment process, replacing the previous traditional sludge drying methods, bringing high efficiency, saving time and costs of sludge treatment....

28 July, 2022
Effective Sludge Treatment Solution With Automatic Wash Plate Slurry Press

As we all know, currently science and technology in Vietnam is developing more and more, people have invented more and more modern machinery and equipment to replace human strength to do heavy work. harder. One of them is the mud press. In the field of wastewater treatment, sludge presses are extremely important equipment. This is...

28 July, 2022
The leading mud press manufacturer in Vietnam – Hitachi

Hitachi Filter Press Company is one of the leading mud press manufacturers in Vietnam. We always bring to our customers high-quality filter presses at low prices. Hitachi’s filter press is manufactured on modern technology lines according to Japanese standards, which is the leading solution to the problem of sludge treatment, food filtration, garbage treatment, manure…...