Multi Plate Screw Press

Multi Plate Screw Press slurry press is one of the 3 series of mud presses widely used in Vietnam. With many outstanding advantages such as the ability to press sludge, saving materials when operating, and long life … now screw mud presses are applied in many wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing companies, and processing zones. export. One of the famous screw mud press brands and highly appreciated by investors for its quality today is the Hitachi multi-disc screw mud press.


As one of the units specializing in the production of high-tech slurry presses, Hitachi has now researched and launched a series of screw slurry presses with extremely effective sludge pressing capabilities.

Hitachi Multi Plate Screw Press is manufactured on technological lines according to Japanese standards. The machine is made by high-precision CNC laser cutting technology. According to the evaluation of investors, compared to the series of plate-frame or conveyor mud presses, the Hitachi screw press presses the mud more efficiently as well as brings more benefits.

Besides, the screw mud press also has a compact design, taking up little installation space. The device is made entirely of an anti-corrosion 304 stainless steel, built-in polymer reaction tank with an extremely intelligent structure.

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The general structure of Multi Plate Screw Press

The screw press is composed of many different parts. We can mention the main parts such as:

  • Filter chamber
  • Precipitation tank
  • Precipitation mixer
  • V-shaped inlet sewage tank
  • Water level conditioner
  • Output dry sludge hopper
  • Water level sensor
  • Control cabinet
  • Electronic flush valve
  • Sanitary wash nozzle
  • Water tank after separation

With the pipeline system of the Hitachi Multi Plate Screw Press, we can mention:

N-1: Water pipe after separating outlet

N-2: Inlet sludge tank

N-3: Sewage overflow discharge pipe

N-4: 1 . metering port

N-5: Water pipe for cleaning machine

N-6: Sanitary wash drain hose

With special innovations, the main components of the Multi Plate Screw Press are designed to be extremely sturdy and durable, allowing the machine to work for many hours while still ensuring slurry performance. The polymer agitator tank has a circular design with anti-overflow valves and an agitator system. The device allows to press of low concentration sludge, dilute sludge, and sludge containing corrosive chemicals.

Working principle

Sewage sludge is pumped from the flocculation chamber and then channeled into the filter chamber. With the gap between the screw and the screw groove getting narrower and narrower, the water pressure will become larger and larger, so the water will be forced to separate from the mud and flow out from the gap between the moving rings and the fixed rings. The movement of these rings will help keep the openings clean, so there will be no jamming. The sludge will be pressed by the shaft and discharged.

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Application fields of screw slurry press

  • Seafood processing and farming industry
  • Livestock and poultry industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Textile, dyeing, and plating industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Production of plastic beads, microbiological sludge …

Advantages of Multi Plate Screw Press

The screw press is considered one of the most advanced sludge pressing technologies. This is evidenced by the machine’s excellent slurry squeezing capacity. We can mention some outstanding advantages of this mud press machine such as:

  • The machine does not make noise, saves electricity and washing water
  • The structure of the slurry press is made of 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion, extremely durable, and has a long machine life.
  • The machine is highly sturdy, and compact, saving installation space,
  • Easy to drain, does not cause blockage, and minimizes the smell of mud.
  • Easy to operate, no need for daily maintenance, the machine works automatically to save maximum manpower.
  • Can press many different types of sludge, especially corrosive sludge, aquatic sludge, and food.


Previously in Vietnam, there were very few units that could produce screw presses, so investors often had to import screw presses abroad at very expensive prices. The import of screw mud presses also has many limitations such as a long time to receive the machine, and the warranty is not guaranteed.

Understanding those difficulties, now Hitachi Filter Press Company has researched and successfully manufactured a new generation of screw slurry presses. The device is highly appreciated for its design as well as its ability to squeeze mud.

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Over the years, Hitachi has installed thousands of screw presses for domestic and foreign enterprises. Currently, we produce many models and capacities so that investors have more options to suit their needs.

Price of multi-disc screw mud press today

Compared to many other types of mud presses such as conveyors or plate frames, the price of multi-disc screw mud presses is slightly higher. However, in terms of squeezing efficiency as well as the long-term value that it brings, it will definitely be higher than the two models mentioned above.

At Hitachi Filter Press Company, multi-disc screw slurry presses are sold at extremely favorable prices. We are always ready to support and advise you on the right model for your needs.

For advice and quotation of screw presses, please contact Hitachi Filter Press Company via Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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