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Decanter Centrifuge Internal Structure

Decanter is one of the most popular mud presses today. The device can separate solids from liquids1 efficiently. With the ability to work continuously at high speed, this is a sludge press that is widely used in professional wastewater treatment systems. Centrifugal slurry presses are suitable for pressing chemical, food, petroleum and mining slurries. In this article, let’s learn about the structure and operating principle of the centrifugal slurry press together with Hitachi Filter Press Company.


As we all know, each line of mud presses has different structures. With the centrifugal mud press alone, this is a sludge pressing device made from 304 and 316 stainless steel materials, so the device is resistant to chemical corrosion and rust.

We can mention the structural parts of the centrifugal slurry press such as:

  • Feed pipe
  • Rotary chamber
  • Screw
  • Gear
  • Tapered pipe
  • Mud outlet
  • Water outlet
  • Rotating Chamber

Working principle of centrifugal slurry press

Step 1: The material is fed into the centrifugal slurry press through the inlet of the feed pipe

Step 2: With centrifugal force, heavier molecules are pushed into the inner wall of the rotating chamber, the high rotation speed of the machine will separate the solid and liquid into 2 separate parts.

Step 3: The rotating chamber is responsible for rotating continuously with the belt drive, continuing to remove the solids from the wall of the rotating chamber and moving the solids in the direction of the discharge chamber of the sludge.

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Step 4: The wastewater separated from the sludge will move in the opposite direction to the solids due to pascal’s law and move to the water outlet. The longer the rotation time in the screw and the chamber wall, the drier the sludge is under centrifugal force.


Centrifugal mud press is a machine capable of squeezing sludge continuously, extremely suitable for units that need to press sludge with a large amount of sludge. The machine works without consuming too much power, reducing operating costs.

With the compact design of the centrifugal slurry press, the device can be easily installed in many locations. The body of the machine is made of stainless steel, so it has a long service life and does not rust.

Centrifugal mud press works with a centrifugal force splash mechanism to separate water and concentrate sludge, so the machine does not need to use clean water for cleaning like other models. The amount of water used to wash the machine is also extremely low.
The centrifugal slurry press is a slurry press that can squeeze a variety of sludge, including chemical and ore sludge. The sludge dryness is high and stable.


With the above advantages, we can evaluate that the centrifugal slurry press is a sludge press equipment that is highly appreciated by investors.

Currently, in Vietnam, there is no unit that can produce centrifugal slurry presses, so investors have to buy from the main distributors of this mud press.

Hitachi Filter Press Company is a unit with many years of experience in the production of slurry presses, besides we are also a distributor of centrifugal slurry presses. Guaranteed genuine, high-quality products.

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Centrifugal mud press distributed by Hitachi has an 18-month warranty, delivery, and installation of the machine nationwide. For more detailed advice, please contact Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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