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Which Type of Sludge Press Should I Choose?

As we all know, sludge press is an indispensable device in the wastewater treatment system at manufacturing plants, industrial parks or export processing zones. This is the equipment used in the final stage of the wastewater treatment process, replacing the previous traditional sludge drying methods, bringing high efficiency, saving time and costs of sludge treatment. However, not all sludge presses can handle all types of sludge, so investors should consider choosing the best sludge treatment solution. For difficult-to-treat wastewater such as aquatic sludge, sludge containing chemicals, which type of sludge press should you choose, let’s find out in the article below.


In order to choose a sludge dewatering machine, investors now have to rely on many criteria, find out carefully whether the sludge press line is suitable for the wastewater properties and the needs and capacity to treat wastewater at the plant. taste yourself.

We can mention some criteria such as:

This is the first criterion to consider when investors want to buy a mud press machine. Because reputable and experienced units will create quality product lines. More specifically, it is recommended to buy a mud press at the production unit because they will sell you at a more favorable price, in addition, replacement accessories at their unit are always available, the warranty will be more secure. compared to buying imported mud press.

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Price of mud presses: The price of mud presses also determines the choice of customers. Because you also need to consider the price of the machine to have the right investment. Currently, mud presses have a variety of capacities, types and models, each model will have different prices, the price of mud presses manufactured in Vietnam and imported is also different.

Warranty: The warranty is also very important, because the machine may have problems when operating the machine, then you need the help of the supplier. If you choose the right manufacturer, they will support you quickly and enthusiastically.


During many years of operation in the field of wastewater treatment, Hitachi Filter Press Company has installed thousands of sludge presses for production units and enterprises operating in multi-industries.

Therefore, we know which types of wastewater are difficult to treat, we can mention such as:

  • Wastewater from leather processing and manufacturing industries
  • Textile dyeing industry wastewater
  • Wastewater from plating industry
  • Wastewater contains starch
  • Wastewater from printing ink industry activities

For these difficult-to-treat wastewaters, Hitachi Filter Press Company suggests to customers 3 lines of sludge presses for customers to choose from.

Multi-disc Screw Press

Multi-disc screw slurry press is a new generation of mud press. Extremely compact and suitable for pressing dilute slurries containing corrosive chemicals. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel material, anti-corrosion. Possessing the ability to press mud continuously for many hours, consuming less electricity and materials. The current screw slurry press is gradually becoming the choice for many units that need to handle difficult-to-press sludge and need large sludge treatment capacity.

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Belt filter Press

Conveyor belt press is also a suitable choice that we would like to introduce to our customers. The machine works thanks to the principle of using the pressure of the roller on the conveyor to separate the water from the sludge. This is also a device that can press the sludge continuously for many hours, but the sludge moisture is high, the power and polymer consumption is also higher than the multi-disc screw press.

Filter Press

Among the current mud presses, the plate frame slurry press is a device that can effectively squeeze the sludge, creating extremely low moisture sludge batches. The machine works without polymer flocculant, no noise. This is the most effective sludge pressing solution chosen by many investors today. Depending on the needs of use, the frame mud press has many models and types of machines for customers to choose from.

It may be mentioned as:

  • High-pressure plate frame mud press machine
  • Semi-automatic frame mud press machine
  • Automatic plate frame mud press machine
  • Round frame mud press.


The sludge press is extremely important equipment in the wastewater treatment system, so now there are many domestic and foreign manufacturers of mud presses. However, there is a big difference in quality and price. For mud presses manufactured abroad and imported to Vietnam, the machine price is extremely high. Therefore, now investors have chosen mud presses made in Vietnam, the quality is not inferior to imported machines.

One of the most reputable mud press manufacturers is the Hitachi Filter Press Company. With more than 10 years of experience, Hitachi always creates quality mud presses at extremely favorable prices. Guaranteed mode.

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With a closed production system of more than 10,000 m2, the factory owns the most modern machinery and equipment in the world, Hitachi mud presses are manufactured according to Japanese standards. Choosing to buy our mud press machine, customers are completely assured of product quality, with a team of experienced consultants, we will support and advise customers on the line of mud presses and equipment. most suitable capacity.

If you need a quote for a mud press, please contact Vina Filter Press Company at Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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