Industrial sector

Industrial sector

Food Filter Press

Food filter press is one of the equipment widely applied in companies and food factories such as: fish sauce, soy sauce, vermicelli, pho, beer, and wine. With the principle of filtering water and residue, the residue is separated into separate parts. In Vietnam, Hitachi Filter Press Company is a unit specializing in the production and distribution of the best quality and most preferential price filter presses in the market.’


The plate-frame food filter press manufactured by Hitachi Filter Press Company is one of the new generation filter pressing technologies, used to replace the old technologies, helping to save money. Save time as well as cost, and manpower.

The operating principle of the food filter press is based on filter pressure, which separates the water and retains the residue in the filter frame, thereby obtaining finished products on demand.

With the filter press technology, we are confident that we can help investors produce better quality products, the water after being filtered and pressed reaches the purity reaching the desired purity. standard…


  • Fish sauce and soy sauce filter presses
  • Beer and wine filter presses
  • Honey filter presses
  • Edible oil filter presses
  • Rice flour filter presses


The plate frame filter press for the food industry is 100% manufactured by Hitachi in Vietnam with Japanese technology. Extremely modern design, easy to use industrial design…

  • The built-in control system on the machine is convenient for operation and use.
  • The power source uses 24VDC voltage, ensuring absolutely safe for users.
  • Frame made in Vietnam, thick, durable, long service life.
  • Filter cloth made in Korea, exclusively for the food industry.
  • Material for production of filter presses Frame 100% stainless steel 304, ensuring food hygiene and safety, anti-rust, durable over time…
ModelPlate and frame thicknessMud cake thicknessFiltration pressureMotor powe
500×5005028≤ 12.2/3
630×6306028≤ 12.2/3
800×8006028≤ 13.7/5
1000×10006030≤ 13.7/5
1250×12506530≤ 15.5/7.5
1500×15007030≤ 0.85.5/7.5
2000×20007530≤ 0.811/15


At present, Hitachi frame filter press is widely used in various food manufacturing industries. In Vietnam, many investors rated the equipment higher than imported filter presses.

  • For this reason, Hitachi has been continuously researching and improving the filter press for many years. At present, we have a variety of models and capacities for customers to choose from.
  • Some advantages of Hitachi frame filter presses can be mentioned as: Plate filter presses are manufactured on the most modern production line system in Vietnam. High filter press efficiency, greatly shortening pressing time compared to old technologies.
  • Minimizing operating costs.. Extremely durable, long machine life.
  • Machine structure is not too complicated, easy to repair, compact design saves space.
  • Produced by a team of good engineers, experienced, very knowledgeable about filter press technologies Machine accessories are always available to serve you. products.

Hitachi frame filter presses are always the first choice for investors. Currently, we are having a discount for customers who contact us to buy this device this month…For more detailed advice, please contact Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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