Hitachi Filter Press Company is one of the pioneers in the field of research, production, and manufacture of sludge dryers in Vietnam. Currently, professional wastewater treatment systems in Vietnam and some countries around the world are highly interested in Hitachi sludge dryers, we are proud to bring customers the best sludge treatment solutions, thereby helping investors to reduce the cost of sludge collection and treatment, minimize odor pollution in wastewater treatment systems in industrial parks and export processing zones.



Hitachi Filter Press Company is a unit with many years of experience in the field of research and production of sludge dryers, with the transfer of Japanese technology, Hitachi’s sludge dryers always achieve reliability, achieving precision in mechanical production, diverse in types and models. Hitachi sludge dryer is widely used in industries such as food, textile dyeing, and plating. Hitachi is committed to providing users with superior sludge drying solutions that meet customers’ most stringent requirements.



Over the years, Hitachi has always been one of the leading prestigious brands in the field of sludge treatment, providing a range of sludge pressing and drying equipment… With its efforts, Hitachi always brings the best solutions, which are highly appreciated by many domestic and foreign customers for product quality.

Research, manufacture, and manufacture sludge dryers: In the process of manufacturing sludge presses, Hitachi knows that now in order to minimize the level of hazards as well as save additional costs of sludge treatment, the investors need more mud dryers.

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With the current cost of sludge collection and treatment is extremely expensive, businesses have to spend a large amount of money on sludge treatment, large collection areas as well as sludge that can cause odors. odor and pollution to the surrounding environment.

Since then, Hitachi’s engineers have constantly researched and manufactured the Hitachi sludge dryer line. With the knowledge of sludge treatment technology, Hitachi has made a new turning point, manufacturing and launching high-quality sludge dryer models, helping to minimize the amount of water in the sludge.

With an unprecedented locking problem, Hitachi has constantly learned, developed, and offered the best solutions to create high-quality sludge dryers.



Confidently providing customers with sludge treatment solutions such as sludge pressing, and sludge drying, Hitachi is extremely knowledgeable about current sludge treatment solutions. We always advise and help our customers choose the right technology.

With a team of consultants with many years of experience, knowledge of technology, and dedicated customer support, Hitachi always is present anytime, anywhere to survey, and go to distant works without hesitation… In addition, with the design drawings of the sludge dryer system closely, customers can foresee problems in advance. such as Installation location, and structure of the machine system.

At the same time, Hitachi also always provides customers with technical drawings and preliminary sludge dryer technology diagrams after quotation so that customers can have more peace of mind.

By providing consulting services and designing sludge drying systems, Hitachi ensures to bring to customers complete installation solutions with reasonable investment costs, ensuring the sludge dryer can operate properly. effective and stable operation, solving difficult problems in the treatment and collection of sludge in enterprises, export processing zones, etc.

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Besides manufacturing sludge dryers and consulting sludge dryer systems, Hitachi also provides sludge dryer spare parts and supplies with door-to-door delivery service. Support staff to visit the site to survey and install, and guide customers. Hitachi’s mud dryer supplies are always guaranteed to be genuine, with a variety of models and sizes for customers to choose from.

Besides, Hitachi also ensures the investment cost of buying mud dryer spare parts at Hitachi is always competitive, much cheaper than the prices of other units at home and abroad.


Currently, in order to provide customers with a variety of services, Hitachi Filter Press Company also provides you with a sludge dryer rental service in Vietnam. For this service, Hitachi will let you rent a mud dryer by month, fund, and year, ensuring extremely competitive rental rates. Besides, we also always ensure full technical support, installation, and operating instructions for you.

A sludge dryer is one of the extremely necessary equipment in treatment systems. wastewater and sludge present. There are very few units in Vietnam that can produce high-quality sludge dryers, so now investors always have to choose to buy foreign brands of mud dryers with extremely high purchase prices. In addition, the warranty and maintenance are not guaranteed.

Hitachi filter press company can confidently introduce and bring to customers high-quality sludge dryer models, ensuring drying performance, the sludge after drying reaches low moisture, minimizing weight and sludge volume. Hitachi sludge dryer has a warranty period of up to 18 months, a production time of 30 days. If you need a quote for a mud dryer, please contact the Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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