Working principle of Multi Disc Screw Press

The Multi Disc Screw Press is a new generation mud press that is being used prevalent today. With the ability to effectively squeeze the sludge and save the cost of sludge treatment, the multi-disc screw press is highly appreciated by many domestic and foreign investors. In order for you to understand more about this slurry press as well as to be able to choose the right options for the characteristics of the sludge in your business, let’s learn about the principle of operation of the screw press with Hitachi.

What kind of machine is a Multi Disc Screw Press?

In current wastewater treatment systems, the final stage of sludge treatment plays a very important role. Because sludge is a part that contains many toxic substances, if the sludge is not separated from the wastewater and treated well when discharged into the environment, it will cause serious environmental pollution.

In the past, investors often used the traditional mud-drying method. This is a rather tedious, time-consuming job with low efficiency. Therefore, the sludge press was born to replace the traditional sludge treatment method, bringing high efficiency.

However, because the sludge characteristics of each industry are different, it is impossible for all industries to use the same sludge press. Currently, on the market, there are 3 types of mud presses that are commonly used.

  • Filter press
  • Belt Filter Press
  • Multi Disc Screw Press
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Among those, a single screwdriver’s shaft is a new generation of mud pressure that allows a lot of junk to affect, especially the mud ones that are likely to eat, high-powered mud.

It’s different than the other mud pressure, the shaft with a small design, and the machine is made of inox, which could force a lot of junk. Especially, the device can keep the mud running out for hours.

Main parts of Multi Disc Screw Press

  • Filter chamber
  • Precipitation tank
  • Precipitation mixer
  • V-shaped inlet sewage tank
  • Water level conditioner
  • Output dry sludge hopper
  • Water level sensor
  • Control cabinet
  • Electronic flush valve
  • Faucet for toilet wash
  • Water tank after separation

Advantages of Multi Disc Screw Press

Compared with other types of slurry presses such as plate frame, conveyor or centrifugal, the multi-disc screw press has a special structure, design and precision machining. We can mention some outstanding advantages of mud presses such as:

  • The only pre-concentrated slurry press that allows compaction of solid slurry from 3000mg/l to 50000mg/l.
    With the thickener and dewatering stage of the machine, the device can be applied to all kinds of concentrated sludge and liquid sludge.
  • The fixed rings and movable plates replace the filter, which is self-cleaning as well as anti-seize, easily squeezing high-viscosity sludge.
  • The screw press does not happen when the sludge is pressed, but in the conveyor and plate frame mud presses, this case often happens. Because the screw mud press is installed with an automatic screw washing system, it both avoids jamming and reduces the smell of sewage sludge.
  • The rotational speed of the screw is low, thus both saving power and reducing the noise level of the machine.
    In terms of long-term investment costs, the screw press is much more economical than other mud presses: extremely compact machine design, automatic control, easy operation, and maintenance.
  • The automatic operation does not require much operator.
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Working principle of Multi Disc Screw Press

The input sludge is mixed evenly, the conditioner flows into the filter chamber from the flocculation deposition chamber to form floc and is pressed to the outlet end. With the gap between the screw and the screw groove getting narrower and narrower, the pressure on the slurry will increase. The water is thus separated from the slurry and flows out from the gap between the moving rings of the disc and the fixed shaft. The movement of these discs clears the gap between them and prevents jamming. The sludge after filtering is pressed to the shaft and discharged.

Where to buy screw mud presses in Vietnam

Currently, screw mud presses are being chosen by many investors and are highly appreciated for their quality and efficiency of slurry pressing. The operating principle of the slurry press is different from other models so that it can create dry batches of mud with low moisture.

However, many investors now choose to buy imported screw presses because they do not know much about the multi-disc screw presses of the Hitachi filter press companies. Therefore, when buying imported machines, the price is very high, and the warranty is not guaranteed.

Why should you buy a Hitachi Multi Disc Screw Press?

Hitachi Filter Press Company is the largest mud press manufacturer in Southeast Asia, we manufacture sludge presses on Japanese technology lines. The machine meets ISO 9001:2015 quality.

In addition to a highly specialized technical team, we also own a large warehouse with thousands of modern machines such as bending machines, CNC laser cutting machines, and new technology welding machines.

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Because it is 100% manufactured in Vietnam, it only takes 30 days to manufacture, install and hand over the mud press at Hitachi. Accessories are always available for replacement and maintenance.

More specifically, our screw slurry presses also have extremely favorable prices, an 18-month warranty, always on hand to provide technical support to customers when needed.

If you are in need of learning about screw presses, please contact us via Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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