Best Sludge Treatment Solution


Press Machine As we all know, currently the problem of wastewater treatment in factories, factories or export processing zones is one of the top concerns. . Because these are all hazardous waste water sources that have an extremely high risk of polluting the environment. Therefore, currently, solutions to treat sludge such as physico-chemical and sludge pressing are being carried out extremely carefully by enterprises. The best sludge treatment solution today is definitely the mud press machine, which is the solution chosen by many investors to shorten time as well as save costs and limit labor force. In today’s article, let’s learn about this issue.


A sludge dewatering machine is a device used in the final stage of the wastewater treatment process. The equipment can reduce the weight and volume of the sludge by 30-80%. When the mud is dry, investors can easily pack and transport it to the sludge collection site.

Types of mud presses are commonly used today

Depending on the characteristics of sludge, sludge press manufacturers have researched and developed specialized mud presses to handle each group of sludge well. separate. We can mention some of the most commonly used mud presses today, such as:

  • Filter press
  • Belt Filter press
  • Sludge Dewatering Screw Press
  • Decanter Centrifuge
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Because the principle of slurry pressing of these 4 lines of mud presses is different, when used, it will produce mud products with different dryness. In particular, the plate frame mud press is the machine that can press the mud to reach the highest dryness. In addition, screw and centrifugal slurry presses will be suitable for slurries with viscosity, containing corrosive chemicals.

Today’s Best Sludge Treatment Solution

Because each type of sludge has different characteristics and properties, we must choose the right sludge press machine. For overall evaluation, we can hardly compare which mud press is better. Because each line of sludge presses will be suitable for each group of sludge separately.

Depending on the needs of each business as well as the budget that can be spent for investors to choose a mud press. However, investors should note a few issues such as:

Should choose a sludge press suitable for the characteristics of the sludge

Because each type of sludge press currently will only be suitable for each group of wastewater, so investors should consider and choose the right one to avoid costly cases. less cost and time.

Price of mud press

Depending on model, capacity as well as model, the price of mud press machine will change. If you buy a machine with too small a capacity, you cannot guarantee the pressing demand. In addition, if you buy a machine with too large a capacity, it will be extremely wasteful.

Production unit

Currently, there are many domestic and foreign units producing mud presses. However, investors should carefully consider the manufacturer and supplier. Not only do they buy at the manufacturer with a cheaper price than the distribution units, but they also have a much more guaranteed warranty.

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In addition, the sludge dewatering machine manufacturer will have professional staff who will advise and help you choose the best sludge treatment solution for your business.


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