The leading mud press manufacturer in Vietnam – Hitachi

Hitachi Filter Press Company is one of the leading mud press manufacturers in Vietnam. We always bring to our customers high-quality filter presses at low prices. Hitachi’s filter press is manufactured on modern technology lines according to Japanese standards, which is the leading solution to the problem of sludge treatment, food filtration, garbage treatment, manure…


As we all know, currently the problem of wastewater treatment is considered one of extremely important issues. In industrial parks and production enterprises, there is always a separate wastewater treatment system to reduce the amount of pollution in wastewater.

Instead of using traditional mud drying methods, today investors have resorted to new generation mud presses to improve the efficiency of sludge treatment, saving time as well as convenience. packing and moving the sludge to the collection place.

With more than 10 years of experience, Hitachi always provides investors with high-quality mud presses such as:

  • Multi-disc screw press
  • Belt filter press
  • Filter Press

Each type of mud press has its own advantages, so you should learn carefully before choosing the most suitable mud press.

At Vina Filter Press Company, we always uphold product quality. Therefore, over the years, Hitachi has always improved equipment and offered the best solutions to bring maximum benefits to investors.

As the largest manufacturer of sludge presses today, Hitachi always wants to accompany your businesses, contributing to building a high-standard wastewater treatment system, thereby bringing a better environment. clean and beautiful and create a solid foundation for the development of future generations.

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In addition to improving product quality, Hitachi Filter Press Company always offers the best solutions, advising customers on the right sludge presses for the type of wastewater at the unit, thereby improving the quality of the product. quality of pressed sludge, minimizing labor force as well as minimizing costly costs incurred.

Hitachi has a team of professional engineers and consultants, always supporting customers before and after buying the machine. The sludge press is periodically inspected for quality, ensuring the quality standards in the current wastewater and sludge treatment industry.

Over the years, Hitachi has accompanied thousands of factories, enterprises, and industrial parks, directly supplying mud presses, and installing and designing wastewater treatment systems for businesses. Currently, Hitachi has distributed mud presses to more than 100 countries, all of Hitachi’s mud presses are highly appreciated for their design and quality.

If you have any need for advice on a sludge dewatering machine, please contact us via Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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