Effective Sludge Treatment Solution With Automatic Wash Plate Slurry Press

As we all know, currently science and technology in Vietnam is developing more and more, people have invented more and more modern machinery and equipment to replace human strength to do heavy work. harder. One of them is the mud press.

In the field of wastewater treatment, sludge presses are extremely important equipment. This is an alternative to the previous traditional mud drying method, saving both time, space and cost of sludge treatment. The previous traditional sludge treatment methods are no longer suitable for the scale as well as the amount of sludge generated in manufacturing companies, industrial parks, and export processing zones.


The application of mud press will bring higher economic efficiency. In today’s article, Hitachi Filter Press Company will bring the topic “effective sludge treatment solution with automatic washing plate frame mud press”.

In the wastewater treatment process, sludge is a semi-solid mixture discharged from the production and living processes of enterprises and municipalities. In the process of wastewater treatment, sludge treatment is in the final stage.

The use of a mud press will help the process of liquid separation of sludge and water into two separate forms. Solids will be collected and gathered for further treatment or burial.


Among the widely used slurry presses today, we can mention the plate frame slurry press. This is not a new sludge pressing technology in Vietnam, but it is capable of creating dry mud batches with extremely low moisture content.

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The automatic washing frame mud press machine has many outstanding advantages, after pressing investors do not need to manually remove the mud cake, but all this work will be done 100% automatically by the machine. Washed filter cloth will lead to guaranteed pressing efficiency in the following batches, longer life of the filter cloth and frame.


The plate frame mud press is a device that works under filter pressure, we can mention the main steps in the machine’s sludge pressing process such as:

Step 1: Squeeze the filter and feed

Step 2: The filtration process separates the water from the sludge

Step 3: Air drying

Step 4: Discharge the mud cake automatically

Step 5: Collect and transport sludge

Step 6: Fully automatic filter cake washing

As for the automatic washing frame mud press, now Hitachi Filter Press Company has a full range of capacities for customers to choose from. The device is suitable for squeezing sludge in units with large capacity of wastewater treatment, saving time and minimizing labor force.


  • Inorganic sludge treatment: Sludge in the ore industry, quarrying, metal circuits
  • Industrial chemical sludge treatment: Textile dyeing, bleaching, metallurgy industry
  • Food industry sludge treatment: production of fish sauce, sugar, beer, milk
  • Pressing sludge from the livestock and poultry industry


Currently in Vietnam, investors can buy automatic washing frame mud presses at Hitachi Filter Press Company. This is the unit that is always at the forefront of inventing high-quality sludge presses for industrial and domestic sludge treatment applications.

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With more than 10 years of experience, Hitachi Filter Press Company has launched many series of sludge presses that have been recognized by investors for their quality. Besides, Hitachi has received ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.

As for the automatic washing frame mud press, this is one of the mud presses that Hitachi has evaluated as one of the most effective sludge pressing technologies for investors. The machine is manufactured on production lines according to Japanese technology. Researched and invented by our top engineers. Efficient sludge pressing, saving cost and time compared to other mud presses.

More specifically, we have a team of consultants with many years of experience, always surveying and advising customers on the most effective sludge treatment solutions.

Hitachi automatic washing plate frame mud press is cheap, machine accessories are always available for replacement when needed. For more detailed advice, please contact our Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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