Industrial sector

Industrial sector

Iron and steel industry – metal

The iron and steel and metal production industry is one of the heavy industries, which has a great influence on the development as well as the solid economic stability of many countries. Today, products from steel and metal play an important role in people’s lives, from construction works to items, necessities and products made from iron. steel and metal.

Therefore, at present, the steel and metal production industry is developing and expanding production workshops. Along with that development, the iron and steel industry is also facing the problem of environmental pollution caused by wastewater from this industry. In order to effectively treat wastewater from the iron and steel industry and metal industries, investors now use sludge presses to separate wastewater from sludge, bringing high efficiency, helping to protect the environment as well as limiting maximum water pollution.


According to the assessment, the iron and steel, and metal production industry is the industry that emits many pollutants into the environment. Therefore, often in wastewater treatment systems, this industry always records an alarming level of pollution. Not only that, this is also an industry that causes noise as well as high concentrations of solid waste, so it is a great danger to the living environment.

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In the steel production process, wastewater is generated from the process of using water for cooling, besides wastewater also arises from the daily life of workers.

Main components of wastewater from the iron and steel industry, metals

  • Wastewater containing grease, dirt
  • Contains heavy metals, inorganic substances
  • Acid, alkali, suspended waste, cyanide, cream, lead, COD…

Based on the components As mentioned above, it can be seen that these are all toxic ingredients capable of polluting the environment if not handled well. Currently, wastewater from the iron and steel, and metal industries is often used by electrolysis, ion exchange, precipitation, membrane separation techniques, sludge presses, etc.

The harmful effects of wastewater from the iron and steel industry, metals

There are toxic substances that affect water life, destroy plankton, and accumulate bioaccumulation, so it affects the food of aquatic organisms. . In addition, wastewater from the iron and steel industry has the ability to corrode water pipes, erode sewers, affect crops and livestock, and degrade the soil.

For human health, if the wastewater from the iron and steel industry and metal production seeps into the soil and groundwater, it can cause chronic poisoning. Toxins that enter the food chain when entering the human body will cause serious harm. causing serious health problems.


For wastewater from the iron and steel industry, metal, with its characteristic is that it is corrosive, investors have to use it now. The mud presses are made of stainless steel, both durable and resistant to corrosion.


The screw slurry press is quite suitable for pressing sludge in the iron, steel, and metal industry. This is a sludge-pressing device capable of working continuously, handling sludge containing grease, and low sludge concentration, especially since this machine can press corrosive sludge.

Outstanding features

  • Pressing slurries with high sludge dynamics
  • No noise, quiet, easy to use
  • Polymer saving
  • Compact machine design, saving installation space
  • No maintenance or replacement of parts required Periodically like a plate-frame slurry press
  • Extremely long machine life

Currently, investors wishing to buy screw presses to treat sludge in the iron and steel industry can contact Hitachi Filter Press Company. We have a full range of models with power ranges from small to large.

Besides, Hitachi always advises customers enthusiastically, and analyzes and evaluates mud presses in accordance with the needs of customers. For more detailed advice, please contact Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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