Cosmetic chemical manufacturing industry

Hitachi filter press company is known as one of the units specializing in wastewater treatment in the chemical and cosmetic manufacturing industry. We always bring modern technology at extremely favorable prices. With production and installation capabilities, Hitachi Filter Press Company has now installed thousands of sludge presses for wastewater treatment systems at many domestic and foreign chemical and cosmetic factories.


Due to human needs, the manufacturing industry of cleaning chemicals or beauty cosmetics is growing daily. Vietnam is recognized as one of the countries with a fast growth rate for the chemical and cosmetic manufacturing industry. Every year, we have thousands of chemical factories and many large cosmetic companies established as well as expanding the business market. Therefore, the production activities of the companies also have a high growth rate.

Besides, chemical and cosmetic manufacturing companies always face the problem of waste. Because wastewater, sewage sludge or chemical industry waste has a great risk of affecting the living environment as well as human health. The toxicity of this industry’s wastewater is becoming a critical issue in environmental protection today.

This is also the reason why the chemical and cosmetic industry needs to apply modern and advanced sludge pressing technologies to effectively treat wastewater.

  • Components of wastewater from the cosmetic chemical industry
  • Contains surfactants: LAS. APG, ALS. AES…
  • Fatty acid ingredients: lauric, stearic
  • Coconut oil, olive oil…
  • Additives
  • Detergent enhancers for products
  • Mineral salts improve product appearance

It can be seen that in the manufacturing industry This industry’s wastewater contains a lot of chemicals, the source of wastewater in the production of cosmetics, includes wastewater produced from the process of preparation, cleaning of machinery and equipment, and wastewater. activities from the cleaning and eating process of workers.

Effects of wastewater from chemical and cosmetic manufacturing industries on the environment

For chemical and cosmetic industry wastewater, when discharged before being discharged into the environment, they can create foam and interfere with the filtration process. nature of water. Besides, they also slow down the metabolism and dissolution of oxidants. Wastewater from this industry also creates odors and produces anaerobic organisms, which directly affects human life as well as the water environment.


In order to be able to effectively treat chemical and cosmetic industry wastewater, businesses have now used screw presses to separate presses. sludge from wastewater, thereby reducing pollution and obtaining dry sludge batches with low moisture content.

Multi-disc screw slurry press is a new generation of sludge press, equipment is now used to press special sludge, especially corrosive wastewater, as well as the need of sludge pressing of The business, is continuous.

Advantages of multi-disc screw slurry press

  • The material is completely made of 304 stainless steel, durable, anti-corrosion, long life of the machine.
  • Capable of pressing sludge continuously for many hours, can handle large amounts of sludge.
  • The machine operates fully automatically with an integrated control cabinet on the machine, limiting direct contact with hazardous waste for workers.
  • Capable of pressing waste sludge with low concentration
  • Consuming less electricity, polymer sludge after pressing has a moisture content of 60-85%, convenient for packaging as well as transporting sludge to the place of collection.

Production of sludge presses for the chemical and cosmetic industries Hitachi filter press company is one of the leading mud press manufacturers in Vietnam. Over the years, we have manufactured and installed thousands of mud presses for companies and businesses operating in the field of chemical and cosmetic production.

Our slurry presses are always high quality and efficient. With the experience that we have, surely Hitachi’s consulting team will work with customers to find the model with the right sludge pressing capacity.

Besides the multi-disc screw mud press, investors can also refer to the conveyor mud press and the plate frame mud press to squeeze the sludge in the cosmetic chemical industry. These are all high-quality mud presses. After pressing dry sludge, minimizing sludge treatment costs for investors.

Hitachi multi-disc screw mud press has an 18-month warranty. Currently, we have a lot of incentives for customers. For advice, please contact Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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