ARO 1 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661A3-344-C)

  • Model: 6661A3-344-C
  • GPM Pump Flow (LPM): 177.9
  • Maximum operating pressure psi (bar): 120 (8.3)
  • Origin: USA
  • Producer: Aro – Ingersoll Rand
  • Fabrication materials: PPC, PTFEC, PTFE


Introducing ARO 1 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661A3-344-C)

As the only genuine distributor in Vietnam, Hitachi Filter Press Co., Ltd. is proud to bring to customers the world’s No.1 line of ARO diaphragm pumps manufactured by Ingersoll Rand Corporation (USA). Aro 1” diaphragm pump (6661a3-344-C) is a pump line that is popular with many businesses. So why is this machine so popular?

Let’s learn more about this machine with Vina Filter Press Company.

Specifications of ARO 1 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661A3-344-C)

ARO 1 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661A3-344-C)

  • Pump flow: 177.9 liters/minute
  • Pressure: 8.3
  • Liquid inlet port: 1”
  • Body Material: PP
  • Base and ball material: PTFE
  • Membrane material: PTFE
  • Advantages of ARO 1” diaphragm pump
  • ARO 1 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661A3-344-C) can pump many different liquids Therefore, it is suitable equipment for many companies operating in many fields. The machine has the ability to self-lip. Unlike other devices, the ARO 1” (6661a3-344-C) diaphragm pump operates by compressed air, so it is very safe for users, maximum explosion-proof.

This is a device trusted by investors because of its ability to run dry effectively. The machine is easy to install as well as to repair and maintain. With low price, suitable for many companies and businesses in Vietnam.

The fields of application of this diaphragm pump?

ARO 1 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661A3-344-C) hình 2

As a device with many outstanding advantages, so this is a device used in many different fields, we can mention such as:

  • ARO 1 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661A3-344-C) can pump chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals
  • Using pumps in water and wastewater treatment technology
  • ARO 1” (6661a3-344-C) pumps slurries and liquids in the production of ceramics, ceramic tiles…
  • Paint and ink production

HITACHI – Exclusive distributor of ARO Diaphragm Pump

It can be said that this is a device with many outstanding advantages, this is a device that will help investors save a lot of costs. From the price of the machine to the durability and performance, this is the most outstanding and preeminent device among all pumps today.

Understanding that need, Hitachi Filter Press Co., Ltd. has imported genuine from the manufacturer to Vietnam for distribution, we always bring superior solutions for our customers.

Own this super product right away by calling our Hotline for direct advice and support, we are committed to always selling genuine products, always returning if the product is faulty. We always bring superior solutions by quote with the most competitive price today.

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