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H-D40 Manure Dewatering Machine

  • Model: H-D40 Manure Dewatering Machine
  • The host power: 4kw
  • Stinging power: 3kw
  • The pump power:3kw
  • Vibrating Screen power:60w
  • Screen size:1010*1110mm
  • Screw diameter:160mm
  • Dimension:2300*1250*1650

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There are many different types of separators on the market today for you to choose from. The design of walls is also diverse from many other brands. Investors will choose the most suitable machine depending on the needs of use and the quality of the equipment. Compared with imported livestock waste separators, today the separator manufactured by Hitachi filter press company in Vietnam is highly appreciated by many customers. With outstanding design, efficient waste separation and low transportation costs, this is the preeminent solution for current livestock and poultry production systems. Today, Hitachi would like to introduce to customers the model chosen by many customers, Manure Dewatering Machine H-D40.


  • Model: H-D40 Manure Dewatering Machine
  • The host power: 4kw
  • Stinging power: 3kw
  • The pump power:3kw
  • Vibrating Screen power:60w
  • Screen size:1010*1110mm
  • Screw diameter:160mm
  • Dimension:2300*1250*1650


Model HD20 HD40 HD60
The host power 4kw 4kw 5.5kw
Stirring power 3kw 3kw 3kw
The pmp power 3kw 3kw 3kw
Vibrating screen power 30kw 60kw 60kw
Screen size 1010*80mm 1010*1100mm 1010*1200mm
Screw diameter 160mm 160mm 219mm
Dimension mm 1950*1200*1600 2300*1250*1650 2450*130081750


The stool separator is composed of many parts, which is easy to disassemble, clean and repair.

  • Pressing chamber
  • Location of water pipes
  • The head of the shaft presses the solid manure outlet
  • Chassis
  • Location of material discharge into a vibrating sieve
  • Suction hose assembly and engine pump into the machine
  • Vibrating sieve
  • Press shaft motor
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Material pipe to the machine

The dual separator is designed from stainless steel material, so the device is extremely durable. Can press any kind of animal manure, aquatic sub-sector…


Hitachi manure separator is a device used to force the separation of fresh manure mixtures from livestock waste treatment systems. The device helps the process of separating water and dividing into two separate parts, reducing the moisture of the product to make the livestock waste treatment process easier and more effective. The application of manure separators helps farmers save land for waste, create fertilizer sources that contain a lot of nutritional value for plants as well as deal with the problem of environmental pollution.

Currently, Hitachi filter press company produces filter presses such as:

  • Swine (swine) manure separator
  • Cow and buffalo manure separator machine
  • Chicken and duck manure separator machine
  • Goat manure separator machine


Hitachi Separator is one of the new generation separators with an extremely special structure. Allows continuous pressing of livestock waste without a break. In particular, the design of the double separator is very sturdy, minimizing vibration and noise. The device has a stable and optimal operating capacity. The huge amount of waste up to a ton when applying this technology will also be able to collect in a short time.

Hitachi livestock manure separators are manufactured and designed by a team of experienced engineers. The machine is fully optimized to minimize the labor force. Does not consume as much power as other models. The new generation separator uses two specialized motors, one side sucks the waste, and the other compresses the waste, creating a strong and uniform suction force.

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