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HYB120 Piston Pump

  • Model: HYB120
  • Power: 3 M3/H
  • Pressure: 0-2.5 Mpa
  • Flush times: 24 r/min
  • Piston journeys: 220 mm
  • Toltal weight: 850 kg
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In the field of industrial production or the field of wastewater treatment, environmental sludge, piston pumps are quite widely used pumps. Thanks to the superior pumping efficiency, the current material pumping process has been shortened, helping to increase working efficiency. Piston pumps are known as hydraulic pumps, operated by an electric motor through a shaft and floating rod, it is responsible for providing fluid to the system for the device to operate more efficiently. Today, let’s learn about piston pump model HYB120.


Power Pressure Flush times Piston journeys
Motor Power
Toltal weight Dimensions
m3/h Mpa r/min mm G D V kg mm
HYB85 3 0-2.5 15 220 4 420 1215X850X1500
HYB120 7.1 0-2.5 24 250 11 850 1580X1000X1600
HYB140 10 0-2.5 26 250 15 11 15 900 1580X1000X1600
HYB200 19 0-2.5 22 250 18.5 15 15 1200 1690X1230X1900
HYB250 30 0-2.5 18 250 22 18.5 1400 1950X1300X2200
HYB300 36 0-2.5 15 300 30 1600 2050X1600X2100


  • Integrated mechanical shock absorber and explosion-proof, safe to use
  • Energy saving when operating, no high pressure overflow, significantly reduced energy loss.
  • Pump made of special anti-corrosion material
  • Automatically prevent undervoltage, over-load, over-load, short circuit, phase loss
  • Quiet operation, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost
  • Operator Unprofessional operation, remote pump control allows better control than other pumps


The pump is wear-resistant

With the design of Piston fired by aluminum porcelain, after fine grinding, HLC hardness 8.5 or more, 0.4um rough surface. The plunger will not break the characteristics of the slurry, suitable for conveying slurry containing sand and solid particles.

Pump with high pressure

Piston and vacuum pump distance, lift 0-6m (but mud characteristics will also affect lift force)

Adjustment constant Sludge pressure and oil flow automatically change

The working pressure of the pump can be adjusted in the range of 0-20 kg. The adjusted pressure will not be changed by the change of pump discharge rate, it will be maintained, unaltered even if its sludge discharge is interrupted while the pump is running. (The flow variation should not exceed the maximum throughput, but the flow may be zero).

High pressure and high efficiency

The maximum pressure of the conventional model is 20 kg. At the same pressure (≥ 5 kg) and same flow rate, this piston pump motor power is 1 to 2 models smaller than other pumps

Easy operation

Tighten or relax the pressure regulating valve to adjust Adjust pressure, then lock tight, no need to adjust in the future.

Low cost of use the parts that are easy to wear out are the valve plate and the water seal. Normally, their replacement time is 3-6 months, for urban sludge, their replacement time is longer from 6-12 months.

Piston pump life Piston pump has a very long life, more than 15 years.


HYB120 Hydraulic piston pump HYB120 is a piston pump line manufactured 100% in Vietnam. This is a pump line manufactured by Hitachi filter press company and especially loved by many domestic and foreign investors.

Currently, Hitachi piston pumps have many models with different capacities, so customers will have a variety of options to suit their needs.

Besides, the price of Hitachi Piston pump is extremely preferential, our team of consultants with many years of experience will help customers choose the right model for the needs of investors. Please contact us for more detailed advice.

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