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H-MSP-131 Multi Plate Screw Press

  • Model: H-MSP-131
  • Temperature (℃): 5 ~ 40℃
  • pH value: 6 ~ 9
  • D.S. Capacity: 6 ~ 15 kg-DS/h
  • Equipment Dimension 2715×822×1360 (mm)
  • Net Weight: 408 kg

Mô tả

H-MSP-131 Multi Plate Screw press is a sludge dewateing machine of solid-liquid separator, which Screw Press Type can realize the Sludge dewatering or Sludge Dehydrator effect.

DDTP-MSP-131 Multi Plate Screw Press developed by HITACHI utilizes the dewatering principles of force-water homo-direction,thin-layer dewatering, proper pressure, and extension of the sludge dewatering path.

The new equipment, more advanced than the traditional dewatering equipment which is easily blocked, unsuitable for low-concentrated sludge and oily sludge, of high consumption and difficult to operate, well eliminate these problems and are of higher efficiency and power saving.

Multi-plate screw press, which is controlled by the electric control cabinet, allows automatic continuous operation of sludge flocculation, thickening, dewatering, and filtrate discharging.

Technical Specifications Sheet


H-MSP-131 Multi Plate Screw Press



Design Site


Temperature (℃)

5 ~ 40℃

Feed Sludge Concentration

5,000 mg/L ~ 50,000 mg/L  (solid content: 0.5% ~ 5%)

pH value

6 ~ 9

Design Parameters

D.S. Capacity

6 ~ 15 kg-DS/h
Outlet Moisture Content ~ 80%

Polymer Dosage

3 ~ 6 g-PAM / kg-DS  (PAM Solution Concentration:0.1% ~ 0.2%)


& Mixing



981×632×847 (mm)



Filter Screen

A filter screen is set to stop the matters that are larger than 1cm going into the dewatering drum.

Dewatering Body

Screw, Diameter × Length

Φ168×1660 mm

Screw, Qty.


Screw, Material

special surface welding super hard wear-resistant alloy process




IP55 CCC  Frequency Inverter Control

Power & Qty.

0.18 kW×1

Mixing Motor


IP55 CCC  Frequency Inverter Control

Power & Qty.

0.37 kW×1

Control Cabinet

Protection Class



Automatic & manual control, including screw press, motors, mixer

Sludge Inlet Pipe

DN40  PN1.6MPa, Direct Nozzle

Polymer Inlet Pipe

DN20  PN1.6MPa, Direct Nozzle

Filtrate Discharge pipe

DN80  PN1.0MPa, Internal Thread Nozzle

Sludge Return Pipe

DN80  PN1.6MPa, Direct Nozzle

Total Power

0.55 kW (380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz)

Equipment Dimension

2715×822×1360 (mm)

Net Weight

408 kg

Operating Weight

758 kg


Hitachi, as the industry leader and first brand of Multi-plate Screw Press, have the strongest R&D capability, most application cases, largest production capacity, richest product lines, and highest recognition from professional users.

Hitachi built the finite element model according to ANSYS screw shaft pressing theory, which basically solved the problems of the product design, technical innovation, and equipment operation. On the basis of the advanced model,

Hitachi successfully developed the following significant technology innovations:

  • 400 Series Screw Shaft (Industry First)
  • Wear-free type of Multi-plate Screw Press (Industry First)
  • Special screw shaft for Sludge Thickener (Industry Only)
  • Special screw shaft and machine for inorganic material (Industry Only)
  • Special screw shaft and machine for petrochemical, pectin, paper industry (Industry Only)


For its special structure, accurate design, and processing, Hitachi Multi-plate Screw Press is characterized by
following features:

-The exclusive pre-thickening device enables a wide solid concentration ranging from 3000mg/l to 50000mg/l

The thickening zone and the dewatering zone make the machine applicable to both highly concentrated sludge and that with high water content. It’s able to directly treat sludge with a solid content from 3000mg/l to 50000mg/l.

The exclusive pre-thickening device enables excellent performance while dewatering sludge with high water content

  • The problems of gravitational thickening disappear and highly efficient thickening is achieved.
  • Flocculating and thickening in the same time reduce the subsequent dewatering pressure.
  • Adjusting the expansion valve to make the sludge be the best state for dewatering.

-Fixed and moving plates replace filter cloth, self-cleaning, clog-free, easy to handle oily sludge

The traditional dewatering equipment is easily got blocked while the multi-plate screw press allows continuous operation with no blocking due to that the moving of the fixed rings and moving ring clean itself. Therefore, it’s especially good at oily sludge with excellent performance. Moreover, it doesn’t need additional water for high-pressure clean-
ing so that no smell or secondary pollution will be produced.

The dewatering of the multi-plate screw press relies on the inner pressure of the filter chamber and the rotating speed is as slow as 2–4 r/min. Therefore, its power consumption is as low as 0.01-0.1 kw/h/kg-Ds, only 1/8 of that of belt presses and 1/20 of that of centrifugal machines. In addition, of course, there is little noise. Eventually, the operating cost can be greatly saved.

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