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Belt filter press H-BFA150

  • Sludge treatment with low humidity: 60 -80%.
  • Conveyor Width: 1500
  • Treatment capacity: 9 -15 m3/h
  • Absolutely dry sludge: 100 – 240 kh-DS/h
  • Reference weight: 2205 kg
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Belt filter press H-BFA150 with a conveyor width of 1500 mm and a capacity to handle absolute dry sludge up to 100 – 240 kg-DS/h. This is a fairly popular conveyor belt press and is suitable for applications in factories with large sludge treatment volumes. Currently, the device is distributed genuine in Vietnam with cheap price.

Hitachi is one of the leading mud press manufacturers in the field of applying modern technologies to the production process. The quality of the slurry press produced by us has been tested for quality. We have received ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.

Máy ép bùn băng tải đôi DDTP-BFA150

Device specifications

Model H-BFA150
Conveyor Width 1500
Processing capacity 9 -15 m3/h
Absolutely dry mud 100 – 240 kh-DS/h
Drive motor 1 Hp
Mixing motor ½ Hp
Centrifugal motor for water separation ½ Hp
Dimensions for reference 3253 (D) / 2125 (R) / 2740 (C)
Reference weight 2205 kg

Areas of application range from the belt filter press H-BFA150

The H-BFA150 conveyor slurry press manufactured by Hitachi can press many different types of sludge, including those with high viscosity. In Vietnam, high-quality conveyor mud presses produced by domestic companies are quite few. Therefore, investors should choose a reputable manufacturer wisely.

As one of the slurry presses that can handle many different types of sludge, the conveyor belt press is widely used in many production fields.

  • Food industry wastewater treatment
  • Sludge treatment of livestock and poultry industry
  • Waste sludge treatment in the plating industry
  • Waste sludge treatment in textile and dyeing industry
  • Waste sludge treatment in the paper industry…

The pros of belt filter press 150

  • Conveyor belt press is researched and manufactured on modern technological lines
  • The device has an extremely compact design, which can be installed in companies with limited installation space
  • The treated sludge has a low moisture content, 60 -80%.
  • No noise when operating, stable operation, handling a large volume of sludge.
  • Pressing hard-to-press mud
  • Non-clogging, superior corrosion resistance

Belt filter press is a suitable sludge pressing device for many companies and businesses in Vietnam. We believe that, with this line of mud presses, investors will have a good choice to save investment costs and still achieve the best efficiency.

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