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Belt Filter Press H-BFA-75

  • Model: DDTP-BFA75
  • Conveyor Width: 750
  • Capacity: 2-4 m3/h
  • Absolute dry sludge: 37-90 kh-DS/h
  • Reference size: 2460 (D) /1440 (R) /2665 (C)
  • Weight: 855 kg
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Belt Filter Press H-BFA-75 is a slurry press with a conveyor width of 750 with a processing capacity of 2 – 4 m3/h. It is a rather prominent model of the conveyor belt press produced by Hitachi company.

In recent years, the conveyor sludge dewatering machine is a device that many investors in Vietnam are extremely interested in, this is a superior quality sludge press device that can handle many different types of sludge. In today’s article, we will join with investors to refer to a model with a capacity that has just been produced by Hitachi, the 750 conveyor mud press.




Conveyor Width


Processing capacity

2-4 m3/h

Absolutely dry mud

37 – 90 kh-DS/h

Drive motor

½ Hp

Mixing motor

½ Hp

Centrifugal motor for water separation

½ Hp

Reference size

2460 (D) /1440 (R) /2665 (C)

Reference weight

855 kg

Introduction of belt filter press BFA75

With the model H-BFA75, this sludge press is quite suitable for businesses with medium wastewater treatment needs. This is a reasonable choice to help investors save costs for wastewater treatment.

In centralized wastewater treatment systems, the Hitachi conveyor sludge dewatering machine is quite popular, this is a device with many great advantages, extremely durable, and long life. The conveyor mud press with a conveyor width of 750 mm is manufactured on the most modern line today, the quality of the sludge press has been verified for many years.

DDTP-BFA-75 conveyor sludge dewatering machine figure 2

Features of belt filter press BFA75

  • The double conveyor slurry press is designed and structured to suit the ability to handle many different types of sludge
  • The device works extremely stable, does not make noise,
  • With a full stainless steel design, the device eliminates the possibility of chemical corrosion caused by harmful chemicals in the mud
  • Conveyor belt is selected and imported genuine from Taiwan, high permeability and durability
  • Conveyor balance adjustment is now integrated on the machine.

The principle of operation of the conveyor sludge dewatering machine

Outstanding design of Belt Filter Press H-BFA-75

  1. The design of parts such as the flocculation tank, the water separator drum are all built-in on the machine, sure, saving space.
  2. Bearings are covered by the cap, preventing water from splashing in
  3. The washing water system is also built-in on the machine, preventing mud from getting stuck and smelly
  4. The cylinder system aligns the conveyor belt, making the press more efficient.

Hitachi conveyor slurry press  is one of the effective sludge treatment solutions that we would like to introduce to investors. The sludge after pressing of this machine reaches a moisture content of 60- 80%. We believe, this is the best economic solution for wastewater treatment plants.

HITACHI has built the reputation and name of the company by product quality, in addition, we are a manufacturer, so there are many great incentives for customers who want to buy machines.

The quality and design of Vietnam conveyor mud presses are not inferior to imported mud presses.

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