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Belt Filter Press H-BFA-50

  • Width: 500
  • Processing capacity: 1-3 m3/h
  • Absolutely dry sludge: 15-45 kh-DS/h
  • Reference weight: 675 kg
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Belt Filter Press H-BFA-50 is a machine with a sludge treatment capacity of 1 – 3 m3/h with a conveyor width of 500, this is the smallest model of the conveyor belt press produced by HITACHI company.

HITACHI Conveyor Slurry Press Company is a company with a factory in Vietnam specializing in research and production of high quality mud presses. With more than 15 years of experience, a team of highly skilled engineers and manufacturers, HITACHI has brought high quality products that are favored by many domestic and foreign investors.

Máy ép bùn băng tải DDTP-BFA-50




Conveyor Width


Processing capacity

1-3 m3/h

Absolutely dry mud

15-45 kh-DS/h

Drive motor

½ Hp

Mixing motor

½ Hp

Centrifugal motor for water separation

½ Hp

Dimensions for reference

2460 (D) /1140 (R) /2665 (C)

Reference weight

675 kg

Introduction of Belt Filter Press H-BFA-50

The 500 conveyor sludge dewatering machine is a new type of wastewater treatment equipment. Sludge treatment equipment relies on mechanical pressure between conveyors to separate water. The finished product after pressing has a thin form, the moisture content is from 60-75%. Depends on the characteristics of each type of sludge. The conveyor slurry press produced by HITACHI company can press continuously without stopping.

In the current wastewater treatment system, the conveyor belt press is a device that is widely used. With outstanding advantages compared to other mud presses such as plate frame, centrifugal, screw. The conveyor slurry press is suitable for many groups of wastewater in industrial zones. Or application for factories in Vietnam.


Conveyor slurry press model H-BFA-50 manufactured by HITACHI has received ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate. Therefore, customers are completely assured of the quality of the mud press machine produced by us. For you to understand more about this machine as well as its outstanding advantages. You can take a look at the outstanding features of the conveyor slurry press.

  • With model H-BFA50. The device has outstanding sludge handling capacity, small capacity suitable for units with low sludge flow treatment needs. Customers will not have to waste choosing a machine with large capacity, saving costs.
  • HITACHI conveyor slurry press is manufactured on the most modern production line in Vietnam according to European standards. The machine is researched and researched by experienced and highly trained engineers in the field of mud press equipment production. manufacturing.
  • The multi-disc screw slurry press is made of 304 stainless steel, durable, anti-corrosion. Taiwan imported conveyor belt has high permeability and durability.
  • The new generation screw mud press is equipped with a centrifugal system to separate the water to help concentrate the sludge before pressing.
  • The machine has an optimized compact design, saving installation space.
  • Easy operation + installation, no noise
  • Our double conveyor slurry press has professional construction. The machine can adapt to many different types of sludge, and the water washing systems are mounted in the machine for easy cleaning.

Diagram of the principle of the 800 . conveyor slurry press

Hitachi Conveyor Filter Press Manufacturing Company

For many years, HITACHI has been a leading company in the country specializing in the production and supply of sludge presses for centralized wastewater treatment plants and units. With the capacity of 1 month to produce 50 conveyor belt presses, we will fully meet the capacity when investors have demand.

At HITACHI Co., Ltd., we are not only interested in product quality, but also in after-sales and after-sales modes. With cheap prices, diversified and flexible payment methods, we hope to become a long-term partner for your companies, businesses, and distributors of mud presses nationwide.

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