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ARO PD10P-YPS-PTT Diaphragm Pump

  • Model: PD10P-YPS-PTT
  • Thread GPM max: 53
  • Self-priming dry: 19 ft.
  • Origin: USA
  • Producer: Aro – Ingersoll Rand
  • Fabrication materials: PTFEC
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ARO diaphragm pump is an industrial pump line that is highly appreciated for its efficiency in liquid pumping. This is a pump line that can pump a variety of liquids, including corrosive chemicals or acids. One of the pump models that is especially loved by environmental contractors in Vietnam is Model: PD10P-YSP-PTT.

ARO PD10P-YPS-PTT Diaphragm Pump

Specifications of ARO PD10P-YPS-PTT Diaphragm Pump

Dimensions of the entrance 1/4 “FNPT
Ball material PTFE
Pump body material polypropylene
Material test polypropylene
Connection type Flange
Diaphragm material PTFE
Height 14 5 / 16 “
Input / Output Size 1″
Pump length 14.187 “
Manifold connection Single
Maximum Dia. Solids 1 / 8 “
Max. Flow 53 gpm
Thread GPM max 53
Operating Pressure 120 psi
Maximum Temperature. 150 degrees F
Activity Type Air operated
Self-priming dry 19 ft.
Valve type Ball
Width 11 “

The ARO Diaphragm Pump is designed to be simple and intelligent, for efficient operation, high performance and low maintenance. The PD10P-FPS-PTT air operated diaphragm pump is a truly versatile liquid handling solution for a wide range of applications, practically compatible with any automation system in the industry. The ARO PD10P-YPS-PTT Diaphragm Pump has a special ARO quick release valve that keeps cold air out of the air motor, helping to prevent freezing.

It also comes with pre-assembled components for uncomplicated and error-proof installation as well as operator comfort. The electromagnetic trigger allows for precise cycle rate control and provides a more consistent volume per hit. The ARO Expert Series diaphragm pumps are known for their industry-leading efficiency, reliability, flow rates, and wide range of materials and ports, ensuring consistency in even the most demanding environments.

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Features: Effective

  • Simul-Shift valve provides positive, reliable displacement signal Reliability
  • ARO’s patented ‘Unbalanced’ air valve ensures non-stop operation Flexibility
  • Wide range of construction materials for optimum fluid compatibility Acoustic environment
  • Bolted construction for leak-free liquid handling and ribbed fluid cap to eliminate cracking Serviceability
  • Easier service through Flow Chart modular design


Outstandingly superior to many other industrial pneumatic pump lines, aro diaphragm pump is a pump line manufactured on modern technological lines according to European standards, the main pump line of Ingersoll rand America. Pump aro has a variety of models and capacities. Pump materials are diverse from stainless steel, aluminum, suitable for pumping all types of liquids.

The outstanding advantages of the aro pump include:

  • Pumps all liquids
  • Withstand high pressure, so can work in high pressure environment
  • The pump is dry-running and self-priming
  • When operating, there is no noise or vibration, and the material does not flow out
  • Low consumables

Currently, on the market, there have been many fake and fake aro pump models, making it very difficult for customers to choose a supplier. Therefore, we recommend that customers choose to buy aro diaphragm pump from genuine distributors of the pump. Because they will provide full CO, CQ with cheap price, good warranty.

Hitachi Filter Press Co., Ltd. is a representative and genuine distributor of aro diaphragm pumps in Vietnam. Therefore, customers will be completely assured when choosing to buy diaphragm pumps at our unit.

We are committed to selling genuine aro diaphragm pumps, with a full range of models, models and capacities for customers to choose from. Besides, with a team of consultants with many years of experience, we will help customers choose the right model.

Besides, our aro diaphragm pump is always available, customers can come directly to our warehouse to visit and buy. We accept local delivery, guaranteed warranty. For a quote aro Diaphragm Pump Model PD10P-YSP-PTT , please contact

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