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800×800 mm-Filter Press – For Food

  • Model: 800×800 mm-Filter Press – For Food
  • Plate size (mm): 800 x 800 x 60
  • Chambers quantity: 20-60
  • Filtration are (m2): 19-58
  • Cake thickness (mm): 28
  • Chamber volume (liters): 261-809
  • Motor power (kW): 3.7/5

Mô tả

800×800 mm-Filter Press – For Food is one of the models suitable for small and medium-sized food industry filtration systems. This is an extremely efficient liquid separator. Hitachi mold filter press is 100% manufactured in Vietnam with Japanese standard technology, the device is widely used in filtration systems in food industries such as: Squeezing fish sauce, and soy sauce, pressing Filtering rice flour, pressing beer grounds, pressing wine filters…


Specification Plate size (mm) Chambers quantity Filtration are (m2) Cake thickness (mm) Chamber volume (liters) Filtered Pressure (Mpa) Motor power(kW/HP)
Dimensions (mm)
Total weight (kg)
Length(L) Weigh
19/800-28P 800 x 800 x 60 20 19 28 261 ≤ 1 3.7/5 3420 1330 1386 3
24/800-28P 25 24 329 3720 2301
28/800-28P 30 28 398 4020 4599
33/800-28P 35 33 466 4320 6897
38/800-28P 40 38 535 4620 9195
43/800-28P 45 43 604 4940 11493
48/800-28P 50 48 672 5240 13792
53/800-28P 55 53 741 5550 16090
58/800-28P 60 58 809 5850 18388


  • Filter presses are manufactured on the most modern technological lines according to Japanese standards.
  • The moisture content of the cake after pressing is from 20 to 40%.
  • Fast pressing time, stable power Does not consume a lot of electricity and supplies The body is made of 100% stainless steel 304 The built-in electrical cabinet on the machine is easy to control Durable filter cloth The volume of solid waste is reduced by 10-20 times compared to the original


Hitachi Filter Press Company is one of the leading manufacturers of quality food presses in the world. With different models of filter press capacity, you will have many options to suit your needs.

Hitachi food filter presses are manufactured with a closed system. The machine is made by skilled engineers, trained with the best workmanship. Besides, Hitachi always develops products and offers solutions to improve the quality of filter presses.

Hitachi’s filter press is not only outstanding in design and usability, but the price is also extremely favorable. Compared with imported filter presses or production units in Vietnam, our filter presses are committed to superior quality.

Using Hitachi filter press is the best solution today for investors. Products used to filter press through Hitachi filter presses always ensure food hygiene and safety standards. Filter and squeeze out residue as well as return the material to its standard color.

Currently, our 800×800 mm-Filter Press – For Food are warranted for up to 18 months. We are always ready to advise and assist customers to choose the most suitable model. For a quote on a filter press, please contact Hotline: 0274 626 8087.


Step 1: Receive a phone call to request a consultation

Step 2: Survey and advise customers on the model with the right capacity

Step 3: Quotation of filter press

Step 4: Production of filter press

Step 5: Install and operate the machine

Step 6: Hand over and move to the warranty period

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