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630x630mm Membrane Filter Plate

  • Frame size: 630 x 630 mm
  • Production material: Pure plastic
  • Temperature resistance: > 100 degrees Celsius
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The 630x630mm Membrane Filter Plate is applied to the 630 x 630mm model frame slurry press, the filter plate is manufactured with special materials, anti-corrosion, working well in many different environments.

The 630x630mm Membrane Filter Plate is one of the accessories for the 630 x 630 mm slurry press manufactured at Hitachi Filter Press Co., Ltd. With outstanding quality, low price, plastic frame panels are favored by many investors.


Frame size: 630 x 630 mm
Production material: Pure plastic
Temperature resistance: > 100 degrees Celsius









Plate Dimensions (mm)

500 × 500

630 × 630

800 × 800

1000 × 1000

1250 × 1250

1500 × 1500

2000 × 2000

Features of the 630x630mm Membrane Filter Plate

The plate frame filter plate is an indispensable accessory of the plate frame slurry press, the plate frame plastic plate is a low pressure filter, which helps the plate frame slurry press shorten the filter press cycle, increasing the filtration capacity per batch of sludge.

With a high-pressure platen filter, it will be responsible for reducing the moisture content of the mud cake, helping to save and reduce heavy consumption. Reduce operating and investment costs.

The pros of Membrane Filter Plate

The plate frame filters manufactured at Hitachi are made of virgin plastic material, adapted to work in harsh environments, so they can work continuously in environments with high temperature and pressure. high.

The plate frame filter has the ability to adjust the thickness of the mud cake, and the filter area is expanded by an external feed.

Types of the Membrane Filter Plate

630x630mm Membrane Filter Plate 2

Currently, depending on the needs of investors, according to each industry, we have many types of plate frame mud presses that are researched and manufactured, not to mention the normal frame mud press, the plate frame mud press. membrane, round plate frame mud press. Therefore, from the raw materials, the filter plate structure is also manufactured to meet the set needs.

Commonly used plate frame filter materials today include:

  • PP and PE 630x630mm Membrane Filter Plate
  • Cast iron filter plate
  • Stainless Steel

According to the structure of the filter plate will be divided into

  • Recessed chamber plate frame filter plate
  • Membrane frame filter plate
  • Round frame filter plate
  • Regular frame filter plate

Divided by the position of the plate frame mud press we have

  • Center hole filter plate
  • Eccentric angle hole filter plate
  • The filter plate is in the middle of the upper middle.

Which company produces a good membrane filter plate?

630x630mm Membrane Filter Plate

As a leading company in Vietnam specializing in the research and production of high-quality mud presses, Hitachi always wants to bring customers high quality products with low price. and widely used in many different fields, so the popular presence of this product helps investors know Hitachi more.

With high quality and low price, Hitachi also offers many incentives for customers to buy in bulk. We promise to return if the fault is caused by the manufacturer.


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