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3/8” ARO Diaphragm Pump

  • Maximum flow: 40.1 liters/minute
  • Machine pressure: 6.9
  • Output port size: 3/8
  • Producer: ARO – Ingersoll Rand
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Surely we are no stranger to the 3/8” ARO Diaphragm Pump. This is a device that is used a lot in manufacturing plants around the world. Currently, this is a product that has been imported by Hitachi Filter Press Co., Ltd. genuine USA and distributed in Vietnam. In order for investors to have a better overview of the 3/8” ARO Diaphragm Pump, Hitachi will provide some useful information below.

Specifications of 3/8” ARO Diaphragm Pump

  • Maximum flow: 40.1 liters/minute
  • Machine pressure: 6.
  • Output port size: 3/8
  • Producer: ARO – Ingersoll Rand

Construction material

  • Body Material: PP
  • Base and ball material: PP/Santoprene
  • Material of membrane: Santoprene

Pros of ARO diaphragm pump

The machine is designed to be extremely compact and flexible, so it is easy to move and does not take up much space, very suitable for businesses that do not have a lot of space. With the construction material of the 3/8” ARO Diaphragm Pump, the machine can pump acids as well as corrosive substances. Along with owning those non-corrosive materials, the 3/8” ARO Diaphragm Pump has a very long life.

The 3/8” ARO Diaphragm Pump has a remarkable self-priming ability (Specifically, the machine can priming up to 5cm). This is a pump that can be operated by compressed air, the machine is integrated with safety components for users, avoiding the case of fire and explosion. The machine can work in many different environments.

It can be said that the ARO diaphragm pump is a device with a connection port as well as a not too complicated structure, users can easily install as well as maintain and repair the machine. This is low cost equipment, very suitable for enterprises, companies and factories.

In which field is ARO 3/8” diaphragm pump used?

  • Widely used in the manufacture of paints, printing inks and chemicals
  • The machine is applied in flammable and explosive environments such as ore mining, petrochemical refining.
  • The 3/8” ARO Diaphragm Pump can pump slurries, solids or liquids in the ceramic, ceramic and paper industries.
  • Used in domestic water and wastewater treatment technology.
  • In food and pharmaceutical production, the 3/8” diaphragm pump can pump chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals.
  • 3/8” ARO Diaphragm Pump back panel

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