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1250x1250mm Membrane Filter Plate

  • Dimensions: 1250 x 1250 mm
  • Production materials: virgin plastic PP, PE
  • Working temperature: -5 degrees Celsius – 125 degrees Celsius
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The 1250x1250mm Membrane Filter Plate is genuine manufactured in Hitachi with guaranteed quality, accessories are distributed by us in Vietnam and the world market. With many great incentives, flexible and durable payment methods.

Frame filter plate size 1250 x 1250 has the ability to reduce filtration time, product quality is highly appreciated. This is an accessory manufactured at Hitachi Co., Ltd., a mud press manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience, ISO 9001: 2015 certified, the company produces a full range of sizes to choose from. producer.

Specifications of 1250x1250mm Membrane Filter Plate

Dimensions: 1250 x 1250 mm
Production materials: virgin plastic PP, PE
Working temperature: -5 degrees Celsius – 125 degrees Celsius

Types of filter frames used today

Because it is applied in many different industries, so the plastic frame plate also needs many different types to suit that type of wastewater. We can mention the commonly used types of plate frame filters as follows:

Chamber filter plate

The most concave chamber filter frame is made of polypropylene material, this is a filter capable of working in environments with very high temperature and pressure. Filter cloth is commonly used. The filter cloth of the plate frame filter will hang on the surface of the filter plates, the filtered liquid passes through the cloth and drains the water out through the original discharge holes.

Frame filter with padding

This is a plate frame filter designed to eliminate the leakage problem in the sludge filter cycle. This filter has a welded groove just outside the concave part of the plate. With the design of a wire sewn at the edge, it is inserted into the weld groove.

With the 2nd groove designed to provide in the perimeter surfaces at 1 been of each plate. The gasket is responsible for bonding with the armor plate, so it will be able to prevent compensated leakage when pressing.

Filter plate and filter frame separate

This is one of the less commonly used designs, the plate is interspersed with a hollow frame, the surface is designed with drainage grooves instead of knots to support the fabric, the mud cake of this filter is quite thick.

Membrane frame filter plate

With a membrane-framed slurry filter, we get a slurry of higher dryness, cycle 1 takes place like a concave chamber plate, to the end of the cycle between the plates and the membranes are inflated with air. or water. On the market today, we also see that the majority of the membrane will be mixed with non-film copper.

In addition, investors in Vietnam often use cast iron and aluminum frame filters. However, we still encourage customers to choose the most suitable filter.

Where is the place of production?

1250x1250mm Membrane Filter Plate

As one of the leading companies in Vietnam specializing in the production of high quality plate frame mud presses. Hitachi is a pioneer in the field of consulting, designing, manufacturing and installing mud presses.

With a modern production system, a team of experienced engineers and consultants, we are committed to bringing the best quality mud press equipment and accessories.

The 1250x1250mm Membrane Filter Plate is the most popular in Vietnam, this is a widely used model because it can handle large sludge flows. Come to our service. You will be supported enthusiastically and thoughtfully. Committed to return defective goods, production, fast delivery.

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