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1250×1250 mm Filter Press – For Food

  • Model: 1250×1250 mm Filter Press – For Food
  • Plate size (mm): 1250 x 1250 x 65
  • Chambers quantity: 40-80
  • Filtration are (m2): 103-209
  • Cake thickness (mm): 30
  • Chamber volume (liters): 1547 – 3134
  • Motor power (kW): 5.5/7.5
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1250×1250 mm Filter Press – For Food is one of the leading filter press models in the world. Currently, this is considered one of the most effective filter presses in the food industry. With the ability to press filters in batches, each filter batch has a short time. The machine can work continuously for many hours. Currently, you can buy filter presses for the food industry at Hitachi Filter Press Company.


Specification Plate size (mm) Chambers quantity Filtration are (m2) Cake thickness(mm) Chamber volume (liters) Filtered Pressure (Mpa) Motor power(kW/HP) Dimensions (mm) Total weight (kg)
103/1250-30P 1250 x 1250 x 65 40 103 30 1547 ≤ 1 5.5/7.5 5165 1770 1996 6827
116/1250-30P 45 116 1746 5495 7273
130/1250-30P 50 130 1944 5825 7719
143/1250-30P 55 143 2142 6155 8165
156/1250-30P 60 156 2341 6485 8611
169/1250-30P 65 169 2539 6815 9057
183/1250-30P 70 183 2738 7145 9503
196/1250-30P 75 196 2936 7475 9949
209/1250-30P 80 209 3134 7805 10395


Hitachi filter press is the only filter press in Vietnam that is manufactured on modern technological lines according to Japanese standards. The device has an extremely compact design, convenient for installation as well as for cleaning and maintenance.

Over the years, Hitachi Filter Press Company has been constantly researching and improving products. Hitachi food filter presses are manufactured in a closed factory system with the most advanced machinery and equipment. In particular, the machine is manufactured by a team of experienced engineers with deep knowledge of filter presses.

The machine is made of anti-corrosion stainless steel material, ensuring food hygiene and safety standards. In addition, other materials such as filter frames, and filter cloth are also selected from the best materials, allowing effective filter pressing while still ensuring the quality of the material after pressing.

For the filter press line of the plate frame, the device is capable of saving energy as well as not consuming much water to wash the filter frame. Plate filter presses are widely used in material handling systems in the food industry. The machine operates according to the automatic cycle of framing the plate, pumping raw materials, blowing air, and automatically opening the machine.

The baker stitching allows manual or automatic use. Among the current food filter presses in use, investors highly appreciate the Hitachi filter press because the device has the function of shaking the filter frame, which is easy to separate, and convenient for workers in the field. taking bread.

In addition, the Hitach filter press also allows for the removal of more liquid, and the cake residue after pressing is also drier. Because of the convenient working ability, the working coefficient of the machine is also much more efficient, so the plate filter device is also widely used in large-scale factories.


Hitachi Filter Press Company is a leading manufacturer of filter presses in the world. Choosing our plate filter press is the best solution, helping investors save costs, and time, and minimize labor force.

Hitachi’s food filter presses now have many models with wide capacity ranges to suit the needs of investors. Equipment has 12 months warranty period and 30 days of production time. Currently, Hitachi has many attractive promotions, customers who want to buy our filter press, please contact Hotline: 0274 626 8087.

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