Filter Press 500x500mm

  • Chassis: 4-layer epoxy coating, resistant to chemical and mechanical corrosion
  • Filter plate frame: Polypropylene (PP) fiber size 500×500 (mm)
  • Filter cloth: Polypropylene (PP) fiber
  • Operation: 2-8h/cycle
  • Capacity: 50-250kg dry sludge/cycle


Filter press machine 500×500 mm is one of the models operating with small and medium capacity. The equipment is suitable for installation in sludge treatment systems of companies and enterprises with not too large a sludge treatment capacity. This is the superior sludge press technology.

Currently, HITACHI has 2 models for the 500×500 frame series: 30 frame type and Semi-automatic. Below are the parameters of the two 500×500 frame lines:

Specifications of Filter press machine 500x500mm (30 frames)









Filter press machine model DDTP500 – 30: 3500x1400x2450 (for reference), epoxy painted steel frame.

  • Body shape: industrial
  • Depth after pressing: 50~95% (depending on sludge drying time).
  • Manual operation: simple, easy to use.
  • Drainage: 2 sides or inside (including stainless steel gutter).
  • Filter plate: 500x500x50 mm
  • Number of plates: 30 frames of high chemical corrosion resistant polypropylene (PP).
  • Filter area: ~20m2.
  • Waste container volume: ~235 liters.
  • Mud cake thickness: 34mm.
  • Ben hydraulic press frame plate: 140x100x500, steel.
  • Control cabinet (automatically compensates for pressure, automatically disconnects the pump when full of mud): LS Korea electrical components, VN electrical cabinet, automatic programming by PLC-LS (if required by customers).












Hydraulic power unit: Motor HITACHI-JAPAN

  • Oil pump: 3hp – 3 phase – 380 VAC.
  • Hydraulic oil tank: 60 liters.
  • Valve system: 5-way 3-position valve, pressure 350kg/cm2. –Yuken – Japan.

Including intelligent electrical control cabinet, automatically increasing pressure compensation when pressing, LS-Korea electrical equipment: automatically disconnecting and compensating for overvoltage or undervoltage.










Slurry pump: SANDPIPER pump – USA 3”

  • Pump body: aluminum.
  • Max pressure: 8.6 bar.
  • No-load capacity: ~54m3/h








Sludge conveyor system:  use: transfer the sludge from the press to the bag (after pressing).

  • Motor: 2HP – 3pha – 380 VAC
  • Conveyor: 2 layers – Japanese PVC







Fabric washing pump system:  use: high pressure spray to clean the machine, clean the pressing area, clean the filter cloth, reducing the pressing time on 1 cycle.

  • Motor: 2 HP – 3 phase – 380 VAC.
  • Container: 300 liters.
  • Machine shelf, toilet pipe length: 10m.






Automatic bait discharge system:  Use trigger and control by PLC-LS program to automatically discharge.

  • PLC-LS programming device.
  • The trigger system takes the frame.



Specifications of Semi-automatic Filter Press 500x500mm

MODEL Plate size
Chambers quantity Filtration are
Cake thickness
Chamber volume
Motor power
Dimensions (mm) Total weight
Dài (L) Rộng (W) Cao (H)
BFY5/500-30P 500 x 500 5 2 30-32 24 2.2/3 1964 1010 1450 560
BFY6/500-30P 10 3 30-32 48 2.2/3 2214 1010 1450 610
BFY8/500-30P 15 5 30-32 72 2.2/3 2464 1010 1450 660
BFY10/500-30P 20 6 30-32 96 2.2/3 2714 1010 1450 710
BFY11/500-30P 25 8 30-32 120 2.2/3 2964 1010 1450 760
BFY23/500-30P 30 10 30-32 144 2.2/3 3214 1010 1450 810

Pros of Filter press machine 500x500mm size 500×500mm

Filter press machine 500x500mm with a sludge treatment capacity with a small flow is suitable for businesses operating in business and production with small and medium models.

This sludge pressing device is currently only available in a semi-automatic type, after pressing, the workers need to remove the mud cake from the plate frame and filter cloth.

We can mention the following outstanding advantages of this mud press.

  • Compact design
  • Can handle many different types of sludge
  • Durable, anti-corrosion
  • No noise, saving energy and materials
  • Easy maintenance, maintenance, machine cleaning…

Production unit

Hitachi Filter Co., LTD is known as a company specializing in the production of genuine plate frame mud presses in Vietnam. Currently, we manufacture plate-frame mud presses with a full range of different capacities to suit the needs of investors.

With a cheap price, the Filter press machine 500x500mm is quite popular, if you are interested in this line of mud press, please contact us for more detailed advice.

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