Belt filter press H-BFA125

  • Conveyor Width: 1250
  • Treatment capacity: 5-9 m3/h
  • Absolutely dry sludge: 75 – 135 kh-DS/h
  • Reference weight: 1570 kg


Belt filter press are the most commonly used slurry presses in Vietnam. This is a device that can operate continuously, the slurry after pressing reaches a low moisture content. In this article, Hitachi would like to introduce to customers a model of the most popular conveyor slurry press today, Belt filter press H-BFA125 with conveyor width 1250, dry sludge treatment capacity 75 – 135 kg DS/h.

As investors know, currently we are very interested in the problem of wastewater treatment in companies and industrial parks, this is one of the problems that greatly affect our living environment. . Therefore, in the world, factories specializing in the research and production of mud presses have always searched and researched out modern mud press equipment to serve the needs of investors. One of the most commonly used sludge dewatering equipment is the conveyor belt press.

Conveyor slurry press BFA125

Machine specifications

Conveyor Width1250
Processing capacity5-9 m3/h
Absolutely dry mud75 – 135 kh-DS/h
Drive motor1Hp
Mixing motor½ Hp
Centrifugal motor for water separation½ Hp
Dimensions for reference2700 (D) /1890 (R) /2720 (C)
Reference weight1570 kg

Overview of Belt filter press H-BFA125

In Vietnam, there are very few companies producing mud presses that can produce high-quality conveyor belt presses, so many investors have always chosen imported conveyor mud presses. export.

Although the quality has been verified, the imported conveyor belt presses have a very high price, which greatly affects the economy of many investors. Not to mention the waiting time for production as well as shipping to Vietnam. Devices with problems are not supported to repair in time.

Understanding the needs of customers, Hitachi company has researched and manufactured a line of conveyor slurry presses with superior quality of sludge pressing, which is favored by many domestic and foreign investors. Nowadays, Hitachi conveyor slurry presses are used in many wastewater treatment plants.

One of the most prominent models of the conveyor slurry press is the H-MSP-125 model with a conveyor width of 1250, a dry sludge treatment capacity of 75 – 135 kg DS/h.

This model is suitable for companies and businesses that need to handle large sludge flows.

Outstanding equipment of belt filter press 1250

  • Double conveyor slurry press is manufactured on modern lines according to Japanese standards.
  • Compact design saves installation space.
  • Made of 304 stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, high durability.
  • This equipment is equipped with a centrifugal system that separates the water to help concentrate the sludge before pressing
    Genuine imported conveyor belt with high durability.

Which company manufactures conveyor slurry presses?

Hitachi Filter Press Company is a reputable unit in Vietnam specializing in the production and distribution of sludge presses. We have a closed production system with modern production machinery and equipment. The quality of the slurry press has been proven, by its efforts, Hitachi has received the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.

At our company, because it is a manufacturer, the price of the machine is cheap, there are always spare parts available for replacement if unfortunately encountering problems with the machine.

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