ARO 1-1/2 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661T3-344-C)

  • GPM Pump Flow (LPM): 378.5
  • PSI Pressure (Bar): 8.3
  • Drive solids max: 1/4 (6.4)
  • Suction/Discharge Port: 1-1/2″
  • Model: 6661T3-344-C
  • Producer: Aro – Ingersoll Rand
  • Origin: USA


Introduction of ARO 1-1/2 inch diaphragm pump (6661T3-344-C)

ARO 1-1/2 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661T3-344-C) is a pump line imported by Hitachi Filter Press Co., Ltd. genuine USA. This machine is commonly used in many production lines of factories and enterprises. This is a pumping device capable of working continuously, the machine is very durable and can be used in many different environments.

Specifications of ARO 1-1/2 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661T3-344-C)

ARO 1-1/2 inch Diaphragm Pump

  • Maximum pump flow: 378.5
  • Max Pressure: 8.3 bar
  • Drive solids max: 6.4
  • Intake/Exhaust Port: 1-1/2 inch
  • Crafting materialsPolypropylene
  • PVDF

ARO 1-1/2 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661T3-344-C)

  • Viton
  • PTFE w / Santoprene
  • Hytrel
  • Santopren
  • Nitrile
  • Neoprene
  • EPR

ARO 1-1/2 inch Diaphragm Pump PUMPS THE FOLLOWING FLUIDS

ARO 1-1/2 inch Diaphragm Pump (6661T3-344-C)

  • Pumping liquids in the paint industry.
  • Yeast pump
  • Pumping liquids in chemical production.
  • Pumping all kinds of sludgeUsed in the food industry.
  • Outstanding advantages of ARO 1-1/2 inch (6661T3-344-C).
  • Diaphragm pump ARO 1-1/2″ is a pump line with a compact design, convenient for operators to transport easily. The pump unit is capable of self-priming without the need for an operator to priming the machine.

This is a line of equipment that runs on compressed air, does not cause explosion and is very safe to use in many different environments. The pump does not leak to the outside, so investors do not need to be afraid of the liquid spilling out. This is a very efficient dry-running device.

As a pump line with a special structure, the materials used are all anti-corrosion, the machine has a long life, strong operation.

The price

Compared to many pump lines on the market today, if compared to the quality segment with price, the Aro 1-1/2″ diaphragm pump deserves to be the device of choice for investors.

With many models, ARO 1-1/2” Diaphragm Pump (6661T3-344-C) is suitable for many large, medium and small businesses. Not only widely used in Vietnam, this device is also widely used in many companies and businesses around the world such as UK, USA, China…


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We always build reputation as well as service quality to serve customers. Currently, we have distributed thousands of genuine Aro diaphragm pumps to thousands of businesses across the country. Not only that, other businesses in foreign countries such as Korea, Japan, China… have also used our products.

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