1500×1500 mm Filter Press – For Food

  • Model: 1500×1500 mm Filter Press – For Food
  • Plate size (mm): 1500 x 1500 x 70
  • Chambers Quantity: 30-70
  • Filtration are (m2): 50-100
  • Cake thickness (mm): 30
  • Chamber volume (liters): 2881-5821
  • Motor power (kW): 5.5/7.5


1500×1500 mm Filter Press – For Food is one of the models of slurry presses used in filtration systems with large capacities. Currently, customers can buy food filter presses at Hitachi Filter Press Company. One of the leading filter press manufacturers in the world. The quality of Hitachi filter presses reaches ISO 9001: 2015. The machine warranty period is up to 18 months.


Specification Plate size (mm) Chambers quantity Filtration are (m2) Cake thickness (mm) Chamber volume (liters) Filtered Pressure (Mpa) Motor power(kW/HP) Dimensions (mm) Total weight (kg)
192/1500-30P 1500 x 1500 x 70 50 192 30 2881 ≤ 0,8 5.5/7.5 7290 2280 2536 14963
212/1500-30P 55 212 3175 7670 15597
231/1500-30P 60 231 3469 8050 16230
251/1500-30P 65 251 3763 8430 16864
270/1500-30P 70 270 4057 8810 17497
290/1500-30P 75 290 4351 9190 18131
310/1500-30P 80 310 4645 9570 18764
329/1500-30P 85 329 4939 9950 19398
349/1500-30P 90 349 5233 10330 20032
368/1500-30P 95 368 5527 10710 20665
388/1500-30P 100 388 5821 11090 21299


With the development of modern technologies, today the equipment used in the food industry is also improved in quality, modern machinery and equipment can help the food production process to be reduced. Short time and process, bring extremely high efficiency.

The plate frame filter press for the food industry was born to replace traditional filter pressing methods. Both ensure food hygiene and safety and bring high performance. More specifically, using a frame filter press will not lose the flavor of the ingredients, in return, with the outstanding filtering ability, the raw materials will be removed from impurities and residues, helping the product to collect and become more delicious.

Besides, the 1500×1500 mm frame filter press device also has advantages such as:

  • The machine is manufactured on the most modern production line
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Continuous working time with high-quality batches
  • Materials made entirely of 304 stainless steel
  • Saving energy and materials
  • Minimize labor
  • Long machine life


  • Pressing to filter beer grounds, hummus
  • Wine filter press
  • Oil filter press
  • Squeeze fish sauce, soy sauce
  • Pressurized nuclear oil
  • Press the frying oil filter
  • Squeeze agar
  • Squeezing rice flour to make vermicelli


Hitachi Filter Press Company is one of the leading manufacturers of quality food presses in the world. With different models of filter press capacity, you will have many options to suit your needs.

Hitachi food filter presses are manufactured with a closed system. The machine is made by skilled engineers, trained with the best workmanship. Besides, Hitachi always develops products and offers solutions to improve the quality of filter presses.

Hitachi’s filter press is not only outstanding in design and usability, but the price is also extremely favorable. Compared with imported filter presses or production units in Vietnam, our filter presses are committed to superior quality.

Using Hitachi filter press is the best solution today for investors. Products used to filter press through Hitachi filter presses always ensure food hygiene and safety standards. Filter and squeeze out residue as well as return the material to its standard color.


Step 1: Receive a phone call to request a consultation

Step 2: Survey and advise customers on the model with the right capacity

Step 3: Quotation of filter press

Step 4: Production of filter press

Step 5: Install and operate the machine

Step 6: Hand over and move to the warranty period

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