1000x1000mm Membrane Filter Plate

  • Frame size: 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Fabrication material: virgin PP
  • Max temperature: -5 degrees Celsius – 125 degrees Celsius


If investors operating in the field of environmental wastewater treatment want to learn or buy a 1000x1000mm Membrane Filter Plate, they can contact Hitachi Filter Press for support. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products, competitive prices, and defective products.

Introduction 1000x1000mm Membrane Filter Plate

With the current economic development situation, sludge presses are indispensable equipment for applications in wastewater treatment plants. One of the most popular models is the plate-frame slurry press manufactured by Hitachi.

To be able to form a line of quality mud presses, the machine’s accessories must definitely meet the requirements for design and quality. Therefore, the plate frame filter of the plate frame slurry press is one of the accessories that affect the quality of the slurry, so it is very important.

For the size of the 1000x1000mm Membrane Filter Plate, we must choose the appropriate plastic sheet. This model is also widely used in many different fields. Therefore, the demand for buying accessories for the machine every year also increases significantly.

Specifications of 1000x1000mm Membrane Filter Plate

1000x1000mm Membrane Filter Plate

  • Frame size: 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Fabrication material: virgin PP
  • Max temperature: -5 degrees Celsius – 125 degrees Celsius

Detailed description

At Hitachi Co., Ltd., we manufacture plastic panels with PP frames using virgin plastic materials, the use of conical, molded designs. The plastic plate has a large filter area, reducing the filtration time. Capable of removing corrosive chemicals, operation as well as extremely durable life.

For places with high temperature and pressure, poor quality filter plate and filter cloth are difficult to work. Therefore, the use and selection of appropriate materials will limit unnecessary risks. Hitachi frame filter is anti-toxic, environmentally friendly and human-friendly.

The plastic frame plate is easy to install and remove, easy to clean, and has a long service life. For this plastic sheet, the thickness of the mud cake can be easily adjusted.

Where to buy the 1000x1000mm Membrane Filter Plate?

As a leading company in Vietnam specializing in the production of high quality plate frame filters, Hitachi is committed to bringing customers the best quality product lines. Not only eight plastic frames, mud filter cloth or other accessories are produced, distributed by us, trusted by many domestic and foreign investors.

Hitachi frame mud press is a famous line of sludge treatment equipment in Vietnam. With outstanding quality, the product is applied in industries such as: industrial dewatering chemicals, dewatering electronics industrialization, food industry, environmental wastewater treatment, paper mills, mining industry mine…

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