Industrial sector

Industrial sector

Food and pharmaceutical industry


Food filter presses have specific criteria and characteristics for the food industry. These filter presses are largely dependent on ISO standards and the constraints of their design and components.

This section will make two parts about the Food Industry and the food filter press equipment for this industry. Please read Hitachi’s reference.

Brief introduction to the food processing industry

Food is any nutritious substance that humans or animals eat or drink or absorb by plants to sustain life and growth. Most food sources are plants. Some foods are obtained directly from plants. Food processing is the process of transforming raw materials, by physical or chemical transformations, into food. It combines raw materials to create marketable food products that can be easily prepared and served to the consumer.

Historically, humans used two methods to secure food through: hunting and gathering, and agriculture. Today, the food industry provides most of the food energy needed for the world’s growing population. Food processing dates back to prehistoric times when raw processing combined fermentation, sun drying, salt preservation and various cooking styles, such basic food processing involves enzymatic chemical changes to with the basic structure of the food in its natural form, as well as serving to build a barrier against microbial activity on the surface that causes rapid putrefaction.

Food Industry Benefits in Economy – Production

Benefits of food processing include preservation, elimination of toxins, reduced marketing and distribution tasks, and increased food consistency. In addition, it increases the annual availability of many foods, enables the transport of delicate perishable foods over long distances, and makes many foods safe to eat by inactivating spoilage. spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms. Modern supermarkets would not exist without modern food preparation techniques, and long journeys would not be possible. Any food processing can affect its nutrient density. The loss of nutrients depends on the food and how it is prepared.

For example, heat destroys vitamin C. Therefore, canned fruit has less vitamin C than fresh alternatives. On average, this process reduces any given nutrient by 5%-20%. New research highlighting the importance to human health of a rich microbial environment in the gut indicates that abundant food processing endangers that environment.

So what equipment will be effective for separating and processing good food?

The food industry is divided into many different industries, producing cooking oil, flour, producing rice, confectionery, beverage, etc. With different types of wastewater. Therefore, the types of filter presses selected by the food industry are completely different.

There are many investors looking to buy filter presses for the food industry, with the development of the food industry in recent years, the factories of the food industry have grown stronger and stronger. One of the filter press equipment that is being sought by investors is the stainless steel frame filter press.

Hitachi food filter press machine

As one of the oldest water purifier lines today, the frame juicer is trusted by investors because of many great advantages. The current Vietnamese version of the filter press has the same quality as the imported filter press, the price is soft, and the warranty is quick.

The plate frame press manufactured by HITACHI Filter Press Company has many outstanding advantages. The device has extremely good corrosion resistance, the body is made of all stainless steel, absolutely anti-rust. Vina filter press not only has a capacity to exceed crime, but it also works continuously, solving the problem of squeezing a large sludge flow.

Hitachi food filter presses have special requirements in terms of materials and design. The material of the machine is not allowed to change the properties of the fluid. Investors will feel secure with stainless steel material with high durability as well as good corrosion resistance. Therefore, the products manufactured by Hitachi will rely on chemistry so that no chemical reactions or oxidation occurs during the filtration process of highly oxidizing impurities.


  • Press Machine frame is manufactured at HITACHI factory. Body is made of heavy duty steel.
  • Structure according to modern European standards.
  • The control system we use is according to Japanese standards (Japan)
  • The control source uses a voltage of 24vDC, thus ensuring the safety of the operator.
  • Filter cloth material is from Korea, USA…
  • We use ARO diaphragm pump which is exclusively distributed from Ingersoll Rand Corporation USA.

Features of HITACHI food filter presses

As a series of specialized pumps for the food industry, they have many special features, such as:

  • Must be made of special materials to meet the requirements. food safety standards.
  • The structure of the food filter press is designed to be able to easily and quickly disassemble.
  • The internal details do not interfere with cleaning and cleaning after use
  • The working performance for the food presses is not high but must be optimized.

Applications of food filter presses

  • Paper industry.
  • Cooking oil industry.
  • Fish sauce production industry.
  • Soy sauce industry.
  • Honey industry.
  • Fresh noodle industry.
  • Sugarcane industry.
  • The industry produces animal feed with beer residue – wort.


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